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Some business problems resolve themselves with time, but not tax problems. In this area, time works against you. It is essential to take quick-and correct-action when you receive a letter from the IRS or the Georgia, Florida, or other departments of revenue.

I have been helping small business owners, independent contractors, salespeople, and small businesses resolve tax disputes for more than 20 years.

After receiving an advanced legal degree (LLM) in tax law in 1989, I went on to serve as legal counsel with an established Atlanta firm resolving tax problems involving state and federal income tax, Georgia and Florida sales and use tax, and Georgia income tax and payroll tax controversies. I have handled most types of tax claims and disputes.

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Experienced Dispute Resolution Services in Tax Controversies

In order to prevent seizures, liens against accounts receivable, foreclosures, replevins, repossessions, and criminal tax prosecution, it is best to resolve tax controversies while the tax dispute is still at the administrative level or administrative appeals process. I can represent you and your company in an administrative appeal in Georgia or Florida, or in an IRS appeal.

There are a number of possible resolutions we can seek to resolve a tax dispute. I can negotiate an offer in compromise, a settlement agreement, or installment plan, or file a request for a tax penalty abatement. I have represented clients in negotiations for a variety of tax controversies, including:

  • Failure to file personal, corporate, or payroll tax
  • Failure to file appropriate W-2 or I-9 forms
  • Corporate taxes assessed against individuals
  • Failure to pay sales taxes (common in Internet or interstate transactions)
  • Failure to pay payroll taxes
  • Late tax filing
  • Late tax payments

Tax Litigation

When the IRS has your money in hand, tax litigation is often necessary to get justice in your case. I will represent your interests in litigation in Federal or State Court, U.S. Tax Court or Georgia Tax Tribunal for cases such as:

  • Sales tax wrongly assessed against an out-of-state seller (often in connection with an Internet or mail order business)
  • Income tax wrongly assessed against a non-resident airline pilot
  • Payroll tax problems with contractors
  • Wrongful assessment of personal liability [100% penalty] against company officers, employees or agents

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